Search for a Sequential Artist

Toward the end of last year, on the anniversary of the completion of our successful Kickstarter campaign, I shared a Kickstarter update in which I revealed that Noor Rahman, the amazing artist who illustrated the first two issues, was leaving the project. Noor’s contributions to the undertaking were magnificent and he will be sorely missed, but Quest for the Last Tree will continue, because there’s a great deal of story still to be told about the adventures of Lucine and Asterion and the fate of Nightworld.

I have therefore embarked upon a quest of my own–to find an illustrator to take over  and illustrate issues #3 through #7, the remainder of the limited series. And behold, the first contender has submitted some character studies, which I will post here and on social media. They’re by a pencil artist named Collin Fogel. What do you think?


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