Etched in Stone

The art work on the inside cover of most comic books is usually filler, something to act as a backdrop for the business of copyright notice and other text. Often the line art from the cover, or from one of the panels in the issue, will be re-used for this purpose. But in the first issue of Quest for the Last Tree, I didn’t want to waste a single page, so I asked Noor to create a special work of art just for the inside cover. This is the amazingly evocative image that he came up with, a subtle foreshadow of things to come:


The Last Tree Glyph

Central to the story of Quest for the Last Tree is the Last Tree glyph, the mark of Lucine’s sisterhood. I wanted this symbol to evoke the Jungian archetype of the World Tree, so I asked Noor to create a glyph that would work not only as a tattoo, but also fit perfectly within a circle. This magnificent design is what he ultimately came up with:



I’m Dave Seropian, founder of Conflux Comix, and this is the webpage for our flagship title, Quest for the Last Tree, a limited series written by yours truly and illustrated by the amazing Noor Rahman. Producing this comic book has been a labor of love for both of us, and after working on it for years, we are thrilled to announce that the glorious first issue is now available for purchase in the Amazon Kindle store, as well as on Comixology.

In the months to come, we plan to broaden our digital distribution and offer hard copies for sale as well. So stay tuned for further updates, and thanks again for visiting!