Kickstarter Day 20

Fantastic news! Thanks to the amazingly generous support of fans, friends, and family, our Kickstarter campaign has reached its goal. Woohoo! Thank you, one and all, for supporting our project. Noor and I are both tremendously grateful, and after the amazing outpouring of love and support online, we are more inspired than ever to make the second issue of QUEST FOR THE LAST TREE even more awesome than the first.

If you’re new to QUEST FOR THE LAST TREE, head over to our Kickstarter project page to learn more about our comic book, and to place your order for Issue #1, Issue #2, or the special Kickstarter exclusive Issue #0, which is a perfect bound double issue containing all of Issue #1, all of Issue #2, and eight bonus pages of concept art. The Kickstarter campaign will run for only ten more days, so don’t delay! Click here to view our project page.


Kickstarter Day 18

With just twelve days to go and $2700 left to raise, we’re pulling out the stops to reach our goal. Please support the QUEST FOR THE LAST TREE Kickstarter campaign, which features tons of cool rewards for our backers. Thanks!

Check out our project video below, then visit our Kickstarter page!

Kickstarter Day 8

The QUEST FOR THE LAST TREE Kickstarter project has been active for just over a week, which means we’re a quarter of the way through our campaign. The good news is, we’re more than a quarter of the way toward reaching our goal. Hooray!

To all our generous backers, thanks again for your support! It’s great to know that you want to see this project come to fruition as much as we do. You’ve already been a big help, but there’s still more you can do!

Please spread the word about the QUEST FOR THE LAST TREE Kickstarter campaign on social media, by posting this link to our project page on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else that strikes your fancy: Thank you very much!

If you’re a fan but you haven’t backed our project yet…what are you waiting for?! 🙂

Kickstarter is Here!

Hooray! I’m tremendously excited to announce the launch of our Kickstarter Campaign! We raising money to order print runs of QUEST FOR THE LAST TREE #1 and #2, so we can get them on the shelves in comic book stores everywhere. Noor and I have worked hard on these first two issues, and we’re excited to share them with the world. So please, check out our Kickstarter page, and support our project. Thanks in advance!

Countdown to Kickstarter

It won’t be long now! In less than two weeks, Noor and I will be launching our Kickstarter campaign. We’re so excited about our first foray into crowdfunding that we’ve decided to expand the scope of the campaign, and aim to fund a print run of not just Issue #1, but also Issue #2 (which is almost finished). That means print copies of both issues will be available through Kickstarter for the first time anywhere, along with a bunch of other cool rewards for our supporters. We hope to see you there!

Kickstarter is Coming!

Good news from the world of everlasting night: next month will see the launch of a Quest for the Last Tree Kickstarter campaign! Our goal will be to raise the funds necessary for our first print run of issue #1, and to pay artist Noor Rahman for his hard work on issue #2, which is already underway. Stay tuned for more details! And if you haven’t already read the digital version of issue #1, what are you waiting for?! Head on over to or to download it today!